Quick and Easy Sun Craft for Speech-Language Therapy

Need a quick and easy craft idea for a busy time of year?  This cute sun craft will help you target multiple speech and language goals with very little prep involved!

First, you will need construction paper.  I chose yellow and orange for the sun, and blue for the background.  I went ahead and punched out a few circles ahead of time with my 3" circle punch, but you could also have your students do this.

As I was introducing the craft in therapy, I had my students help me cut some yellow and orange strips in different lengths for the "sunbeams."  This provided a great opportunity to talk about basic concepts such as long, short, skinny, thin, and thick.

What different goals can you target with this easy craft activity?

  • Following directions - You can easily work this in as you are creating the sun craft!  Talk about what they need to do first, next, last, or what needs to go on the top, middle, or bottom of the page.
  • Basic concepts - While you are cutting out the construction paper shapes needed for the craft, you can have the students find the longest or thickest pieces.
  • Categories - Write the category name on the center circle, then brainstorm different items that fit the category to write on the sunbeams.
  • Synonyms & Antonyms - Have your students come up with synonym or antonym pairs to write on the different sunbeams.
  • Articulation/phonology - Brainstorm words or sentences with the student's target sound, write them on the sunbeams, then have the students practice saying each one a certain amount of times.  This is also great to send home, so parents can see what you are working on in therapy! (Bonus tip: Write the speech sound cues you are using on the back of the page, so the parents know how to discuss it with their students.)
  • Describing - I had my students use the Expanding Expression Tool to describe the sun, and we wrote the different attributes on different sunbeams.

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